Himalayan Chef(喜马拉雅厨师)

About Us

Himalayan Chef is the Brand of WBM International. We are the largest manufacturer, exporter and importer of this ancient salt. Our array of products extends from edible salt and salt lamps to decorative fans, flame-less candles, and fireplace heaters.Our headquarters are in Flemington, NJ, where we distribute nationwide. We began as a small company selling salt lamps to health and natural food stores, and have grown to a complete solution company which mines the salt, makes the lamps, exports and distributes to accounts ranging from national retailers to health food stores, We sell from niche to mainstream. Our Himalayan Pink table salt is showing similar signs of growth. It is the healthiest salt in the world–it’s’unprocessed, with its 84 minerals remaining intact, and with no added chemicals. It was awarded Best Tasting Salt in the World. We donate a portion of our profits through the WBM International Foundation Protecting the environment and educating people on the need to do it.

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Nafees Anjum (CFO)

About Company

Himalayan Chef core values are deeply rooted in fair business proceedings, superior quality products, excellent service, a safe and healthy environment and respect for all people. We believe that every piece of product delivered should be top quality; therefore, all necessary quality controls are duly implemented. WBM International observes strict labor laws and is dedicated to producing products which meet the customers’ satisfaction. WBM International is the first himalayan salt lamp manufacturer in compliance with ISO:9001-2000 specifications. These are strict stipulations that must be adhered to in the manufacturing process and are internationally recognized as the acceptable standards for production. WBM International is also listed under UL safety standards, so there is no need to worry about your safety when choosing a WBM International product.

We make products that overlap into various industries, hence, our customers fall under the umbrella of health, beauty, decor, food and general houseware. Almost everything we produce is classified as natural and wholesome. We are stern about protecting the environment; hence, we produce within the bounds of ISO:1400-2004 and highly support the affidavit for a green environment.WBM is the first salt lamp manufacturer in compliance with ISO:9001-2000, ISO 1400-2004, C-TPAT, ROHS, and HACCP specifications, and we highly support the affidavit for a green environment. WBM is also UL listed. With advanced equipment, independent departments of technological administration and testing, WBM products are in alliance with global standards and regulations.


Himalayan Chef是WBM国际的品牌。我们是这种古盐的较大制造商,出口商和进口商。我们的产品系列从食用盐和盐灯到装饰风扇,无焰蜡烛和壁炉加热器。我们的总部位于新泽西州弗莱明顿,我们在全国范围内分销。我们初是一家向健康和自然食品商店出售盐灯的小公司,并且已发展成为一家完整的解决方案公司,该公司开采盐,制造灯具,出口和分销到从国家零售商到健康食品商店的账户,我们从主流利基。我们的喜马拉雅粉红色食盐显示出类似的增长迹象。它是世界上健康的盐 – 它是未经加工的,其84种矿物质保持完整,没有添加化学物质。它被授予世界上不错品尝盐。我们通过WBM国际基金会捐赠部分利润,保护环境并教育人们有必要这样做。


Himalayan Chef的核心价值观深深扎根于公平的商业诉讼,优质的产品,优质的服务,安全健康的环境和对所有人的尊重。我们相信每件产品都应该是优质的; 因此,所有必要的质量控制都得到了适当的实施。WBM国际遵守严格的劳动法,致力于生产满足客户满意度的产品。WBM国际是一家符合ISO:9001-2000的喜马拉雅盐灯制造商规格。这些是制造过程中必须遵守的严格规定,并且是国际公认的可接受的生产标准。WBM国际也符合UL安全标准,因此在选择WBM国际的产品时无需担心您的安全。

我们生产的产品与各个行业重叠,因此,我们的客户属于健康,美容,装饰,食品和一般家居用品的保护伞。我们生产的几乎所有产品都被归类为自然和有益健康的产品。我们对保护环境严厉; 因此,我们在ISO:1400-2004 的范围内生产,并高度支持绿色环境的宣誓书。WBM是一家符合ISO:9001-2000,ISO 1400-2004,C-TPAT,ROHS和HACCP规范的盐灯制造商,我们高度支持绿色环境的宣誓书。WBM也已通过UL认证。凭借先进的设备,独立的技术管理和测试部门,WBM产品与全球标准和法规相结合。