Top 7 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps for 2019

Himalayan salt lamps have recently become a trend and have started becoming popular everywhere, and there are number of reasons behind their popularity. Now, here a question arises in our mind that:

• What are these himalayan salt lamps?

• Do salt lamps own the health benefits?

• Where can I buy himalayan salt lamps?

himalayan salt lamps are basically the salt crystals of different sizes and the light bulb is fitted inside it. The origin of salt lamps is Khewra: the Punjab region of Pakistan. pink salt lamps are best because this salt is purest and loaded with 84 essential minerals, the pink color is due to the presence of essential minerals. These salt lamps are hand mined and hand crafted. These salt lamps are natural that’s why they are soothing are relaxing for your eyes and mind. Some people claim the health benefits of salt lamps like they might work as air purifier, reduce electromagnetic and mild radioactive substances from air, promote better sleep and create stress-free environment in your surroundings.

Here we have collected the top 7 best salt lamps to buy in 2019.


WBM is a well-reputed name in the salt lamps manufacturing, as they provide the professional hand carved lamps from Pakistan. When lit, the lamp radiates the warm and amber glow thus providing a calming atmosphere that can help to create sense of peace and relaxation. With its gorgeous look, it is a best gift item for any occasion like mother’s day, Christmas day, Thanks giving day and all other special occasions. It comes with the beautiful neem wooden base. It is certified salt lamp by ETL and UL standards. Its features are listed below:

• # Best Seller – Ranked # 1 in Home and livings.

• It comes with a B15 pre-install light bulb.

• 5-6 feet long cord, that is fire resistant.

• Made of the purest Himalayan pink salt.

• Ideal for any time of interior in reasonable price.

2.SALT ROCK LAMPS, himalayan salt LAMP

This himalayan salt lamps is suitable for bedroom or any living place. The weight of this salt lamps is 5 to 7 pounds and it is around 8-9 inches tall with six bulbs of 15W. It enhances the beauty of your room and provide best lighting. It is eye-catching and provide soft and warm glow. The best thing is the brightness adjustable feature of this salt lamps. It is the best gift to represent to your loved ones. The product has UL certification, you just need to plugin and enjoy the warm glow of the lamp.


If you want more elegant style of real salt lamp, you should check out this salt lamp, it is available in beautiful decorative frame which is filled with pink salt chunks. This salt lamp basket is best for the design-conscious home. It comes with the beautiful bulb, 6 ft cord and dimmer switch. It is certified salt lamp by ETL and UL standards. WBM creates modern design of each salt lamp to match any style and ambiance. It can be used as a gentle night light, décor light, or to create a romantic mood. It is a perfect gift for anyone at any time. WBM salt lamps are available on their online store and amazon as well. Its important features are listed below:

• Very stylish, beautiful and elegant.

• Best for home décor and suits any type of interior.

• A great addition if you are collecting all the lamps styles.

• Captivating and impressive to the eye.

• Build in bulb, best to present as a gift.

4.PULNDA salt lamp

This Himalayan rock salt lamp from pulnda has a beautiful neem wooden base. It has the best purifying properties according to the seller which makes it perfect for your workplace or study room. The fact that it can also help in inducing so it is best for your bedroom as well. Its important features are listed below.

• Natural design with natural salt from Himalayas region.

• Air purifying properties

• Natural way to protect yourself from harmful radiations.

• 5.9″ x 5.8″ x 11.2″ dimensions

• It has brightness adjustable sensor in the base.


This set of 2 rock salt lamps from Haraqi is an excellent choice if you are looking for the hand carved salt lamps for illuminating your living space. The multiple bulbs options are also provided in the package so that you can easily switch the bulbs according to your choice. The base is made of high quality plastic for the longevity of the product. Its features are listed below.

High-density rock salt.

• 2.25″ x 2.25″ x 3.5″ dimension.

• Multiple bulb in the packaging.

• ABS quality plastic used as the base.

• Easy to use on-off switch.


This product from the crystal allies is pack of 2 product and its weight is 5-8 pounds. These lamps have been completely handcrafted and made of the wooden base. These products provide the best aesthetic qualities of your house and will also sync with your décor. With the unique health and mental benefits of these pink salt lamps they are best to own anytime. Its main features are listed below:

• Natural rock salt lamps

• hand made.

• Beautiful base made of neem.

• Pack of 2.

• Serves various functions from décor to the health benefits.

• Reasonable price.

7.Amethya himalayan salt Lamp

It is a natural and pure salt lamp which is designed to fit in any interior of your house or a great table piece for your home or office. Besides being a décor item, it is also perfect for physical and mental health. It provides a relaxing amber glow that can help to soothe your mind and body. It releases the positive energy and that is something you need to experience. Its various features are listed below.

• Perfect for any living place, office and yoga places.

• Pure Himalayan pink salt

• Total weight of 12 pounds.

• Beautiful wooden base.

• 9″ * 6.7″ * 7.6″ dimensions