5 intresting uses of Himalayan salt

This type of salt is found from the mountains of Himalayan where, there was the primordial sea once holding the pristine ecosystem. With time, it was covered up by the movement of earth plates and in result, the sea water evaporated to form this type of salt. Because it is found deep down the surface of Himalayan mountains, all the 84 minerals and the trace elements are still intact.Because of its mineral rich properties, there are different uses of this salt type like:

1.salt lamps

This type of the salt has been utilized to carve unique and beautiful salt made lamps. Due to its mineral rich properties, such decorative items can be seen in the health stores as well as the decoration stores. A salt lamp is not only an ordinary source of light like the other light lamps. It can emit the negative ions and act like a natural air purifier to clean the air from the allergens, bacteria, pet dander and other dangerous pollutants.

2.Salt plates

For the one, who is looking for the health beneficial culinary products, he will be glad to know that the Himalayan crystal salt is carved out into the salt blocks to form the salt blocks or plates for cooking and serving. You can witness such salt blocks of plates in a few top restaurants and hotels and they are not only using it for their presentable look, but the big reason behind that is the health benefits of this salt type.

3.Salt inhalers

The one who is suffering from the sinus issues, the salt inhalers will act like a sign of relief because the salt air therapy has been widely in practice right from the ancient times. Breathing the iodized air can help your respiratory system and lungs to be in a healthy state.

4.Mineral soak

You can infuse your body & skin with minerals and hydration by having the salt bath. Your skin will soak up the minerals from the water by the dermal absorption process. So, all the 84 minerals of the pink salt can be transferred to your body in that way and you should know that your body needs it.

5.Candle holders and fireplace heaters

There are in fact a number of decor items available in the market that you can buy easily to have the natural health solutions. Like candle holders and the fireplace heaters, there is a list of decor items that can not only be used as a decorative item, but they will also be good enough to bless you with a number of natural health benefits.