Selenite Lamps – New Addition in Your Home Decor Items

Himalayan rock salt lamps have been providing the best and real moments, and they are very lovely and beautiful along with the soothing and relaxing benefits. For now, another kind of wellness-boosting light is starting to gain attention: a selenite lamp that is a beautiful décor item for any kind of living place.

What is Selenite Lamp?

These lamps are basically produced from a naturally clear or opaque form of gypsum crystal. The light can pass through it easily, creating the calming and amber glow. Selenite, in its natural form has been hollowed out to create a unique shape lamp. Its tower effect is achieved by splitting and chipping along natural cleavage surfaces. Each selenite crystal lamp can provide huge benefits for your mental health.

It has the highest vibrations of the all minerals content. It is a calm stone and it instill the deep peace, that’s why it is excellent for meditation and spiritual work. Selenite sphere lamp can be used to create a protective grid around the house, thus promoting a peaceful environment. It can help to bring clarity to the mind and it is an excellent meditation stone as well. Place it at your living place today to get the beautiful and warm white glow.

WBM Selenite Lamp:

WBM Selenite lamp is made of clear gypsum crystal and pure Moroccan selenite crystal. All the gypsum is natural, pure and untreated. It comes along with the bulb and dimmable switch to adjust the brightness according to your mood. Selenite lamp large emits the soft glow adding luxurious ambiance to any space. It can help to boost your mood and may also help to promote better sleep. It is suitable for the head of the bed, sitting room, office, study or computer table, or your yoga spaces. It is best present for any special occasion like Christmas day, New Year, thanks giving day etc. It is available on our online store and amazon as well.